“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”
Vincent van Gogh

I don’t know how other writers write as I don’t know any other writers. I only know how I write and the vision I see and for me it is a very visual experience as I see the moving picture unfolding before me and I write what I see. Even when I know what may be happening to one of my characters in twenty pages time I can’t write the story out of order; that character will have to wait until the action comes to them.

Despite the fact that I moved back to a town that had many bad memories for me I decided to try and make good out of bad for setting a lot of my book here, so that as I continued to live and write here the bad memories would be swept away by my own positive associations. This helps me in two ways; firstly it grounds my story in a place that is very real, not just to me but to others who will hopefully read it and they can actually visit the places and see the birth of a story; secondly by turning the negatives into positives I try to banish the loathing from my mind and tap into serenity – I’m not there, yet, maybe one day.

Do you believe in time travel, our ability to communicate into the future or reach back into the past. Whether you do or not, here’s the deal, this is my present self, who will soon be my past self, talking to your future selves, who are out there somewhere unaware of me, unaware of my work but one day in the next few years you will pick up my book and wonder a little bit about the author and where her ideas came from so these images are for you curious few. bookbeach beach bookhouse bookhouse2 bridge2 cowtree 2015-05-04 16.12.08 2015-05-04 16.29.39 2015-05-10 13.43.32 These places all feature in hopefully my first book.

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