The Journey

“We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started.”
Henry Ward Beecher

To some, this point in the journey may seem like the end; the culmination of my determination and hard work and my desire to succeed. To me it is only the beginning; I have turned the page on the chapter of hardship, despair, depression and hopelessness. The last seven years have been tough and despite the blessings of two beautiful children who thrill and threaten my world in equal measure, I have come close to bowing under the heavy weight of these burdens.

If you are joining me now I feel honoured and lucky to have you as part of the next chapter i2014-12-31 19.15.12n my life; the exciting, thrilling part. The bit where destiny is about to change things for the better, like finding the winning lottery ticket at the back of your sock drawer or when the guy gets the girl of his dreams, or that moment in the film when fireworks go off and the world magically turns and all is right in the cosmos again.

Soon the winners of the Northern Writers Awards will be announced. You will notice by the date that I have no prior knowledge of whether I will be successful or not as even the judges have not yet decided. The latest news from their website is that a record number of entries (866) have been received this year which makes my chances of winning anything even more remote but if the work is good it will stand out and shine.

So, you get to join me at what is the beginning and also the end without having suffered the emotionally draining bit in between. I don’t know if I will be successful and I don’t know what the turn of the next page will bring but I do know that it’s exciting; I do know that I am filled with hope. Even if I don’t win this one there will always be another competition around the corner; there will always be another agent; there will always be another publisher. Somewhere out there is someone waiting to find me and when it comes I’ll be ready but I’m not going to sit in the corner twiddling my thumbs waiting for that chance moment. It’s up to me now; I’m going to work my socks off and I’m going to make it happen.

Even if nobody reads this it’s irrelevant to me. I will read it back to myself and bask in the knowledge that I knew. If nobody hears the birth of an iceberg does that mean the event never took place. My whole life has led me to this moment and you, you are special because you are right here, right here at the very birth of it with me.

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