Repent in haste

Unreasonable haste is the direct road to error.


The other side of the coin to impatience is of course the fact that we may have been too hasty and may have to eat our words. I was quick to judge those who had criticised my work even though I was the one who had uploaded my chapters onto a website inviting criticism. Criticism is hard to take especially when you have so much invested in your work but actually I take back what I said and I swallow my pride because if more than one person says the same thing then they obviously have a point. So at this stage I can either dig my heels in and be the stubborn person I have always been, who always knows best or I can re-read every single word that I have written and take on board the criticism and use it so that the next agent, publisher or competition I send it to might look twice at it and think maybe there is something special there. I can tighten up the writing and the grammar and the discrepancies so that it is as watertight as it could possibly be and for those people who chose to write an honest comment I can only now thank them.

However, as for the NWA, I refuse to repent. I think if people have taken the time to enter your competition and have invested their blood, sweat and tears into their work then the least you can do is inform entrants of the outcome even if they have been unsuccessful. To do otherwise is unprofessional and that is totally unforgivable.

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